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Working Remotely

With over 70% of the county currently covered with high speed internet and more expansions on the way, Marquette County is a great place for hybrid and remote workers to call home. There are also a wide variety of jobs in and just outside of the county for your significant other who has a career that requires an onsite presence. 

Broadband Base Map Fall 2023 No Mecan Grant.jpg

Much of the county, as seen inside the maroon colored line,  is covered by Marquette-Adams Telephone Co-op. The black lines along a specific road are also served by Marquette-Adams. 

The area in the green lines surrounding Neshkoro have high-speed internet provided by either Charter or Century Link. Most of the immediate area outside the green line does not have high-speed internet 

Some of the area inside the orange lines near Neshkoro is an area that is currently slated for expansion from Charter in 2024-2025. 

In the south east portion of the county Charter is currently expanding. 

Additional high-speed internet may be coming in the future along the north shore of Lake Puckaway.


The City of Montello and Village of Westfield receive high-speed internet from Charter. 


Please note lines on the map are approximate. Plans for expansion are subject to change. Please contact the provider for more information about service at your location.  

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