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Paddle Sports

Canoe, Kayak & Paddle board

Nothing says stress relief like a peaceful paddle down a great river! With several rivers with multiple places to put in and take out, there is always a new waterway to explore! 

Ennis Lake


Located at John Muir County Park, enjoy the same peaceful 30-acre lake that John Muir came to love in his boyhood. There are no motorized boats allowed on the lake.


Moon (Birch) Lake


Located just west of Montello, enjoy a quiet paddle on this lake on which no motorized boats are allowed.



Mecan River – Trip I
Put-in: 11th Road Bridge
Take-out: Cty. Hwy. JJ
Distance: 3.7 miles

There is a a pull off area 100′ feet to the north of the bridge at 11th Rd. Great water quality over a sandy river bottom.


Mecan River – Trip II
Put-in at Cty. Hwy. Y/JJ
Take-out at Hwy. 22
Distance:10 miles

Paddling the Mecan River, you will find clean water with strong current and a few riffles and tight turns. Paddlers often view deer, turtles and trout along this stretch of river.


Mecan River – Germania
Put-in: Germania Marsh
Take-out: Hwy. N
Distance: 6 miles

There is a class 2 chute under the Eagle Road bridge with a very good flow rate and height. The marsh provides a flat paddle where waterfowl is abundant in the spring and fall.


Fox River – Endeavor
Put-in: Hwy. O Public Launch
Take-out: North River Road Public Launch (Endeavor) or Island Drive Launch (Endeavor)
Distance: 6-8 miles

A very open paddle with lots of cattails. The river is over 100 feet wide in many areas, and does not have a lot of current.  Great for seeing waterfowl in the fall or spring. There are also a lot of deer, cranes and turtles in the area.


Fox River – Montello
Put-in: Krakow Park or across the road from Krakow Park.
Take-out: Grand River Locks – Public Landing
Distance: 5 miles

Both wooded and sandy banks on a fairly wide river. See cranes, beavers, deer and turtles.


White River
Put-in: Neshkoro Dam
Take-out: 22nd Ave. Public Launch
Distance: 3.43 miles
A peaceful river with clear, cool water.


Neenah Creek
Put-in:W. Chauncey St. Bridge
Take-out: Hwy. A Bridge
Distance: 6 miles

Cool, clear creek with a sandy bottom. A great place to view waterfowl.

Marquette County also offers plenty of places to paddle board, including Ennis Lake and Moon (Birch) Lake, which do not allow motors on them.

Don't have a paddle board? Rent one from Lake Arrowhead Campground for use on Lake Puckaway!

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